By Sondra Barr
Brandon Savage, the owner of Savage Home Improvement, has always had a passion for fixing things.
“I have been helping remodel and fix up homes with my Mom and Dad since I was a kid,” says Savage. “Every couple of years we would move into a new ‘fixer upper’ and pick up the tools again.”
When given the opportunity to join the Navy, Savage went straight into a new passion, electrical. “They taught me the ins and outs from the basics to the most advanced projects the Navy had to offer,” he says. Today, Savage takes all the skills he has learned from his blood family and his extended family in the Navy, combines them with a solid work ethic, and offers that to his new family, the customers of Savage Home Improvement.
As a veteran-owned and operated business, Savage brings his Navy work ethic to every job. He believes that every customer is part of his extended family, and he treats them with the same care and attention he would give his own relatives. Whether you need a ceiling fan installed or flooring installed, Savage and his team are ready to help. The wide range of home improvement services Savage Home Improvement offers runs the gamut from electrical, carpentry, audio visual, kitchen and bath repairs, installations, and more.
“We do all those small or offbeat jobs contractors won’t do or the service fee alone costs more than the repair should. We’ll replace that smoke detector for you. Need help installing window screens, we’ll do that too, and we make it affordable,” Savage says.
“We hear from many of our customers that they didn’t get responses from other handymen they called after leaving a message or getting a quote from them,” says Savage. “As a military veteran, I value people’s time, replying quickly whether they call or reach out online. We don’t keep our customers waiting for us either. There’s a guarantee that we’ll be on time for every job and provide honest work for honest pricing. A detailed estimate for each job is provided, so you know exactly what you’re paying for,” he continues.
Electrical work is Savage’s forte, including the installation of outlets and light switches, ceiling fans up to 15 feet, dimmer switches, three-way switches, doorbells (including smart doorbells), wall mount televisions, smoke/Co2 detectors (wired and battery), and thermostats. Installing wireless home security systems, audio/video cabling, and network wiring is also in Savage’s wheelhouse.
“Honey-do List”
If you need a general handyman to assist you with that “honey-do” list, Savage Home Improvement is happy to step in. They can install pet and child safety gates, hang mirrors and artwork, hang window treatments, assemble furniture, replace HVAC filters, test smoke and Co2 detectors, install bookcases and closet organizers, replace door seals and weather stripping, assemble playsets, replace lightbulbs, replace and install garage door openers, install and repair window screens, and much more.
Savage Home Improvement is also skilled in carpentry services. While they don’t do “whole room” carpet or tile installation, they can help you replace those cracked or hollow spot tiles. They can install Pergo flooring, install locking vinyl flooring, install baseboards, install press and stick vinyl flooring, install handrails and grab bars, replace ceiling tiles, install and replace security storm doors (off-the-shelf product), custom closet and pantry shelving, repair doors not closing/latching properly, install or replace interior, pre-hung hollow core doors and trim, install or replace exterior entry doors and trim, install or replace security/storm doors (off-the-shelf product), workbench construction, pet door installation, repair broken cabinet doors and drawers, fascia board and soffit repair, and wood rot repair.
Kitchen & Bath
Savage Home Improvement can also help with kitchen and bath work. They can install and replace bathroom sinks/vanities, install and replace garbage disposals, repair and replace faucets and fixtures, install and replace shower curtain rods, install towel racks and toilet paper holders, install kitchen appliances, install washers and dryers, install and replace exhaust fans, install and replace medicine cabinets, replace toilet, replace showerhead and handles, and replace leaking threaded/compression shutoff valves.
Property Management
For those who own rentals and would like to make some of the stress go away, Savage Home Improvement is also here to help. They can take care of everything from patching holes to arranging and meeting with carpet cleaners. They can clean the windows and make sure the property is safe and ready for your tenants. If you’re a part-time Arizona resident, they offer services specifically designed for you. They can check on your home each month, run sinks and tubs to avoid noxious odors, check on the landscaping for proper watering, and replace any dead light bulbs. They can even have your home professionally cleaned and stocked with groceries before you arrive.
Why Choose Savage Home Improvement?
Savage Home Improvement is licensed and insured, so you can trust that they have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. They believe that every customer is part of their extended family, and they treat them with the same care and attention they would give their own family.
Evidence of this can be found in Savage’s many glowing reviews, including this one from Iliana in Phoenix: “Brandon is amazing! He did a handful of projects at my mom’s house and she’s over the moon with how effective and efficient he was! He’s a true professional and talented at his craft. Cannot recommend (and thank!) him enough! He’s definitely our go-to guy now!”
Just as Savage earned the pride of serving in the Navy, he takes pride in the work performed by Savage Home Improvement and works hard to earn the trust of his customers.
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