By Sondra Barr
Photos courtesy of Bouldering Project

Step into the world of Bouldering Project, where families and individuals alike discover a hub of adventure, community, and fitness. Situated in key cities like Seattle, Austin, and the latest addition, Tempe, Bouldering Project is revolutionizing the concept of a climbing gym. It’s a place where climbing walls are just the beginning of the experience, offering a dynamic space for members to challenge themselves, form new friendships, and engage in a variety of activities extending well beyond the boulder.

Jordan Brown, the community marketing manager at Bouldering Project, emphasizes the gym’s mission, “It’s really about making bouldering accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a first timer, our doors are open.”

The gym spans over 50,000 square feet, featuring dedicated yoga and fitness studios, a fitness center, and an expansive climbing area. The color circuit system for climbing routes simplifies the activity, making it more approachable. “Instead of intimidating grades, we have colors. It encourages exploration and fun,” Brown explains.
Bouldering Project is particularly inviting for families, with youth engagement being a top priority. “Kids are natural climbers,” Brown says. The gym offers climbing clubs and camps for different age groups, designed to make climbing a fun and educational experience. These initiatives aim to ease fears associated with heights and falling, ensuring climbing is accessible and enjoyable for all children.

Building upon its family-friendly ethos, Bouldering Project features a dedicated Youth Area, thoughtfully segmented into three separate climbing zones. This arrangement caters to the varying skill levels and interests of young climbers, providing a safe and engaging environment for them to explore and grow. Adjacent to these climbing spaces, the party room serves as a versatile hub for celebrations and activities, ranging from birthday festivities to arts and crafts sessions, and even movie screenings.

“Our aim is to make every child’s visit memorable, whether they’re here to climb, celebrate, or learn something new,” says Brown.

The gym’s dedication to holistic fitness and community engagement is evident in its diverse range of yoga and fitness classes. Brown shares, “We host a lot of different events in our space. We try to do at least one big event monthly.” A recent highlight was the movie screening of “Real Rock 18,” which attracted over 300 attendees. The event, in collaboration with local climbing and nonprofit groups, saw a portion of concession sales proceeds donated to these organizations.

Bouldering Project also fosters a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, critical in making everyone feel at home, from beginner climbers to seasoned veterans. Brown says, “You don’t need much equipment for bouldering. It’s just you, yourself, and shoes. We even offer free climbing shoe rentals for first-time visitors.” The gym’s social vibe is a stark contrast to traditional gyms, promoting interaction and communal support among members.

Further enhancing the community feel, Bouldering Project partners with local businesses like Pair Cup Works for daily coffee and juice offerings and Nourish Eats for pre-made meals and snacks. “The biggest takeaway is how much more than a climbing gym we are,” Brown adds, highlighting the Bouldering Project’s expansive outdoor space for vendor markets and movie nights, among other member-focused events.

With plans for future group outings and the ongoing introduction of amenities like saunas and an enhanced cold plunge experience, Bouldering Project stands as a comprehensive wellness and community center.

“Membership is an all-access pass. This includes not just our top-notch climbing facilities but also our yoga and fitness classes, workout facility, and complimentary guest passes. Soon we will also have our wellness features like the cold plunges and saunas available full-time” says Brown. The inclusive membership model ensures that everyone can enjoy a diverse array of activities, catering to all ages and interests under one roof, at an affordable cost.”

Bouldering Project is located at 2626 S. Hardy Dr., in Tempe. For more information, call 480-716-9014 or visit

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