Photo courtesy of Scottsdale Police Foundation

The Scottsdale Police Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Scottsdale Police Department (SPD) and fostering stronger ties between law enforcement and the community, is launching several impactful initiatives.

“A strong police department is integral to the quality of life we enjoy in Scottsdale,” says Debbie Steinhauer, founder of the Scottsdale Police Foundation. “Through the foundation, we aim to fortify the foundation of our community by addressing the four pillars of our mission: youth, officer wellness, community engagement, and crime prevention.”

Driven by a desire to uplift the youth of Scottsdale, the foundation has collaborated closely with SPD to identify areas where additional support and resources are needed. One such initiative is “the closet” program, located at Coronado High School but serving the entirety of the Scottsdale school district. This program, led by Scottsdale Police Officer Alvin Pease in conjunction with social workers and teachers, provides essential resources to students in need, reinforcing the values of community support and engagement. Moreover, the currently open logo design contest, available to the children of Scottsdale School District, highlights the organization’s commitment to tailoring programs to the evolving needs of Scottsdale youth.

“We are thrilled to be spearheading initiatives that directly impact our community and strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the residents of Scottsdale,” says Committee Chair of the Community Outreach Committee at the Scottsdale Police Foundation Kelly Kerbs-Riggle. “Through partnerships with the Scottsdale Police Department and local organizations, we’re actively supporting programs like the Police Athletic League and ‘The Closet,’ while also exploring new avenues to enhance community safety and engagement.”

Individuals and businesses in Scottsdale are encouraged to get involved and support the foundation’s efforts. Whether through financial contributions or active participation in foundation events and programs, community support plays a crucial role in advancing the mission of the Scottsdale Police Foundation.

Looking ahead, the foundation is committed to expanding its impact through initiatives such as the Officer Grant Request Program, generously kickstarted by a donation received at a recent breakfast event. This program aims to reimburse officers for personal expenditures made to assist community members in need, embodying the spirit of service that defines our law enforcement. Other long-term goals include further expansion of PAL programs across all schools in the district, continued support for “The Closet” initiative, and the establishment of scholarships for youth pursuing careers in law enforcement.

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