Peoria’s 2nd Saturdays are back in Old Town Peoria! This night market is free to the public and takes place on the second Saturday of each month through April 8, 2023. Second Saturdays will take place on Jefferson Street and 83rd Ave. in Old Town Peoria from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Each Second Saturday of the month will feature a dynamic lineup of unique vendors, outdoor games, art installations, premier food trucks, live music, and a variety of local talent.

These monthly events are a collaboration with Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations. “We love that we can showcase things that are significant to the city and authentic to the city of Peoria,” says Steve LeVine, CEO of SLE. “We’re also excited to bring in outside entertainment, culture, activities, and events throughout the year, as well, so that it’s just really fresh, new, and exciting and gives people a reason to experience something outside of their regular routines.”

“What people can expect on a monthly basis is a night market feel,” LeVine says. “There’re so many day markets, farmers markets, and all these things that happen throughout the entire community, that it was fun to come up with this with the city of Peoria.”

This month, the event falls on Nov. 12. For more information, visit