By Sondra Barr

In Arizona, as summer fades, the crisp temperatures invite a season of transformation—not just in nature, but in the backyards of many. It’s a time when residents across the Valley look to renovate, repair, or construct new aquatic havens for the next sun-drenched season. Leading this wave of backyard makeovers is none other than Brian Morris, known affectionately as “The Ugly Pool Guy,” and his innovative company, We Fix Ugly Pools®.
A Record-Breaking Journey in Pool Excellence
Brian Morris has redefined the pool building industry, setting a staggering world record in pool construction. Imagine a complete pool, from excavation to the final splash, built in a breathtaking 5 hours, 56 minutes, and 7 seconds! This extraordinary feat, accomplished with the expertise of 150 workers and the completion of 22 construction phases, is a testament to Morris’ dedication and innovative spirit.
More Than Just Pools: A Community Pillar
Morris’ achievements extend beyond the pool industry. He’s a beacon in his community, known for his participation in parades and his “Day of Giving” in December, which gathers a plethora of toys and essentials for those in need.

A fervent supporter of military and police, his dedication to service shines brightly. Moreover, Morris’ personal journey of losing over 140 pounds and becoming a fitness enthusiast has inspired many. His philosophy, “Inch by inch is a cinch,” a lesson from his late father, resonates with those striving for their own goals.
Revolutionizing Pool Design and Construction
Under Morris’ leadership, We Fix Ugly Pools® has evolved from merely refurbishing aging pools to creating custom, cutting-edge aquatic designs. From lap pools to exotic water features like waterfalls, underground caves, and grottos, the company offers an array of options to suit every dream. They even transformed the famous Chase Field pool, ensuring it remains a beloved feature for Arizona Diamondbacks fans.
The Path to Your Perfect Pool
Morris emphasizes the importance of a meticulous process in achieving pool perfection. From initial consultation to the final reveal, every step is tailored to align with the client’s vision and budget. This process, combined with Morris’ insistence on quality foundational elements like plumbing and pumps, ensures that each pool is not just a structure, but a masterpiece.
Budgeting and Financing: Navigating the Financial Waters
Recognizing the financial aspect of pool ownership, Morris and his team provide guidance on financing options, working closely with several home improvement-specific lenders. This approach helps clients find the most suitable financing solution, ensuring their dream pool doesn’t remain just a dream.
Time Is of the Essence: Planning Ahead for Summer
For those yearning for a summer oasis in their backyard, Morris advises starting the journey in January. The intricacies of permitting, construction, and potential delays necessitate early planning. A timely start can ensure a perfect pool is ready for those long, blissful summer days.
A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation
Morris and We Fix Ugly Pools® have emerged as more than just a pool repair and construction company. They are trendsetters, community leaders, and innovators. With a record-breaking construction feat under their belt, a deep commitment to community service, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Morris and his team have cemented their place as industry leaders. Their journey, marked by astounding achievements and a profound impact on the community, is not just about fixing ugly pools—it’s about creating beauty and joy in every backyard they touch.

To dive deeper into the world of Brian Morris and We Fix Ugly Pools®, visit or call 602-253-4499. For inquiries, reach out to [email protected] and start your journey to backyard bliss.