Photo courtesy of city of Tempe

Tempe is working to improve the conditions of alleys through the launch of a new city Community Enhancement Division. This group will increase regular inspections and code enforcement and provide alley education and assistance programs.

The new Community Enhancement Division combines the city’s residential code compliance, commercial code compliance, alley inspections, and crime prevention efforts into one division with the goal of accelerating the maintenance and enhancement of property throughout the Tempe community.

In the most recent community survey, 67% of residents are satisfied with the condition of their alley. The safety and cleanliness of alleys is an objective of Tempe’s goal to foster a safe and secure community, as identified in Tempe City Council’s five strategic priorities.
“Using data to help formulate decisions has been a longstanding principle for the city of Tempe. Data shows that we need a greater focus on public health and safety for our community, with one aspect of that being alleys,” says City Manager Rosa Inchausti. “I’m confident that this new division will create a better experience for the community while improving our enforcement strategies in the alleys city-wide.”

Alleys are an important resource in the city of Tempe. They provide a point of access for first responders and are vital to solid waste disposal. Ensuring the alleyways are clean and secure is part of the new division’s commitment to protecting public health and safety.

“A clean alley reduces fire hazards, limits spread of pests, sees less criminal activity, and allows our first responders and city vehicles easy access,” says Code Compliance Administrator Drew Yocom. “We will be working to raise awareness on the importance of alley maintenance and will be in close communication with residents to address localized issues.”

Tempe city code requires residents to maintain their alleys from the end of their property line to the center of the alleyway. To maintain alleys, residents should:
• keep the alley clear of trash, debris, and unnecessary items
• place bulk trash items or landscape waste out no earlier than 10 days in advance of scheduled pick up
• remove vegetation and other obstructions
“If an alley is found to be noncompliant, Tempe will work with community members individually to address the issue, whether that’s through education, evaluating whether assistance is needed or enforcing code,” Yocom says.

For questions on alley enforcement or to report an alley concern, call Tempe 311 at 480-350-4311. Find more alley-related information at For questions about accepted bulk and uncontained trash items or pick up schedules, go to