Contributed by BBQ Island

Many advocates for the natural gas grill believe that you can taste the meat, vegetables or whatever it is you grill better. Because propane burns so hot, charcoal is usually the primary flavor on a propane-grilled food item. With a natural gas grill, the taste of quality produce can shine through. It’s a matter of taste, really.

There are many of the benefits that natural gas grillers shout about. Let’s look at the main ones:

Enjoy Fewer Fumes in the Yard
Propane burns hot, which means a lot of smoke and fumes. When you invite people over to your home, they like to make an effort and dress nicely. Propane will leave guests smelling like propane fumes. Although this might add to the atmosphere for some, many people would prefer less billowing smoke when they’re hosting a barbeque.

Connect to Your Home Supply
If you already have a connection to the gas mains in your home, installation should be straightforward. Refilling a propane tank involves effort, and there’s the risk you might be caught short, and it runs out at a crucial moment. With a natural gas grill, the supply is always hooked up, and you don’t need to consider whether it’s running out soon. We could all use one less thing to worry about.

Ease of Use 
You might need some help initially connecting the grill to the gas pipe. However, once the natural gas grill is installed, you just switch it on and off. There’s no need to drag propane cylinders around or worry about connecting and disconnecting it each time it requires a refill.

Save Money in the Long-Term
Although the upfront cost of rerouting the gas might make the purchase seem expensive, it’s incredibly likely that you’ll save money in the long-term. Natural gas itself is much cheaper than propane because it occurs naturally. Natural gas grills can save a household quite a lot of money over just a year.

Lower Environmental Impact 
Natural gas doesn’t burn as ferociously as propane, which means throwing less dangerous emissions out into the atmosphere. In the short term, it’s better for you and your family’s lungs to use natural gas because it’s cleaner burning. However, it also makes more sense to use it when you’re looking at the bigger picture. If more people switch over to natural gas, the planet will be a little bit safer.

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