The city of Peoria has partnered with the city of Goodyear to offer e-gaming opportunities for local gamers.

Last month, e-gaming events with Stream Team Goodyear and Peoria eSports happened twice—once with Roblox and another with Fortnite. Games were played via YouTube livestream and hosted by each city’s parks and recreation departments. Locals can find out about upcoming gaming events on the city’s website at or by following the Peoria Parks & Recreation Facebook page @peoriaazrec.

Staff at Peoria Parks & Recreation emphasize that the stream is family friendly and moderated. During gaming events, there are often prizes. No registration is required but participants do need to watch the YouTube stream ( to get the private room codes. Also, Roblox requires gamers to “friend” the city to gain access to the private servers.

If online gaming isn’t for your child or teen, the city of Peoria is offering several team sports leagues now through November. Youth flag football, machine pitch baseball, soccer, T-ball, and volleyball leagues are now open for registration.

To ensure kids, parents and coaches stay healthy and safe, there are reduced roster sizes and modified game rules. Only one spectator will be allowed per participant for games and practices and staff members and coaches must wear face masks at all games and practices.

“Enrolling your child in a youth sports league or team is more than just a physical activity, it can also provide participants with leadership skills, teamwork, communication, respect, and help develop and improve self-esteem,” according to the city of Peoria’s Parks & Recreation department. “For parents, coaching a youth sports team is a great way to make a difference in the lives of kids as a leader and role model.”
To learn more about e-gaming or in-person sports, visit The website also provides information on the measures the city is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during sporting practices and events.