If you’re tired of glasses or contacts and would like a permanent solution to your vision problems, the experts at King LASIK and K2 Vision RLE provide customized vision correction surgery with unrivaled results. Fortunately for Valley residents, King LASIK and K2 Vision RLE have a state-of-the-art Arizona facility at 21803 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite #100, in Scottsdale.

Christian Monea, CEO of King LASIK and K2 Vision RLE, explains that King LASIK was founded in 2002 in Seattle, Washington while Drs. King and Kopstein formed K2 Vision RLE in 2018. Together, the two practices offer vision solutions to patients at every stage of life.

“We added K2 Vision RLE in 2018 to help older patients fix their vision—perhaps get it back to what it once was—but aren’t necessarily a fit for a LASIK procedure,” Monea says. “I see people all the time who want to get rid of their glasses and contacts; they want a vision solution and the freedom that comes from being able to see better. By offering both LASIK and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), we help patients obtain the best vision possible at nearly any age. We not only have surgeons with decades of experience performing hundreds of thousands of procedures, but also continuously invest in the newest, most proven technology and medical advances.”

Visions Solutions for Any Stage of Life
“We are so excited to be seeing patients at our state-of-the-art facility here in the Valley,” says Dr. Joseph King, M.D., who has completed more than 150,000 LASIK procedures. “We’ve felt this area has long needed a place where people can find a vision solution no matter their stage of life.”

In addition to Dr. King, the practice also features the expertise of Dr. Andrew Kopstein, M.D., who has completed more than 45,000 lens procedures and focuses on RLE patients. And, added to the team, Dr. Lorne Schlecht, M.D., brings decades of experience to K2 Vision, with over 50,000 lens procedures to his credit.

“Between Dr. King, Dr. Schlecht, and myself, we have the experience to be able to help you find the right procedure,” affirms Dr. Andrew Kopstein, M.D.

King LASIK and K2 Vision RLE offer two main vision correction options
• LASIK Procedures: Almost always more affordable than a lifetime of eyewear, LASIK is a safe, cost-effective laser surgery that boasts precise correction and fast recovery. The experts at King LASIK and K2 Vision RLE note that this procedure can correct near sightedness, far sightedness, and astigmatism, and is most often performed on patients ages 18 to 49.

• RLE Procedures: Refractive Lens Exchange replaces the eye’s dysfunctional lens with an intraocular lens (IOL) for highly customizable, clear vision. K2 Vision RLE can improve everything from nearsightedness (myopia) to severe farsightedness (hyperopia or presbyopia), even in older eyes, and is a permanent solution to cataracts. It can eliminate the need for glasses, contacts, and readers, and is most performed on patients over age 50, though of course individual cases vary.

How do you know which procedure is best? “Most often, if you’re under 45, LASIK is usually the way to go, but, at age 50 or so, when distance vision problems now include the need for reading glasses, or perhaps you’ve started to develop a cataract, that’s when an RLE procedure is most commonly the best fit,” Monea explains. “There’s sometimes a grey area between 45 and 55, but our expert staff and experienced surgeons will guide each patient to the surgery that is the best fit for their individual vision needs.”

“As miraculous as LASIK can be, it’s not always the right solution to someone’s vision problems,” adds Dr. King. “That’s why Andy [Dr. Kopstein] and I started K2 Vision—to provide life-changing vision-correction procedures for people who may not qualify for LASIK.”

“It’s a fact, if you get old enough, you’re going to have cataracts, which means you’ll eventually need to have your failing natural lens replaced,” explains Dr. Kopstein. “If you’re already struggling with both distance vision and you need reading glasses, having refractive lens exchange now can give you so many more years of great vision. Plus, K2 Vision RLE eliminates ever developing a cataract.”

Easy Steps to Better Vision
Step 1: Visit kingk2vision.com to schedule a free virtual LASIK or RLE consultation.
Step 2: You will receive a confirmation text and email with the date and time of your consult.
You’ll get a Zoom consultation link, or they can do your consult over the phone.
Step 3: They’ll send you several helpful reminders of your appointment. (No need to play phone tag or trade voicemails.)
Step 4: At your scheduled time, you’ll meet with an experienced surgeon who will answer all your questions. They’ll also provide you with a personalized price quote for your procedure.
Step 5: After your virtual consult you’ll be able to schedule a convenient time for your in-person exam to ensure you are an ideal candidate.

Want Better Vision? The Choice is Clear.
Monea says the best part of his job is seeing patients’ vision improve, sometimes after a lifetime of bad vision. “While we’ve done thousands of these procedures, seeing patients’ vision get better has a ‘wow factor’ every time,” he says. “You can trust you’ll be in good hands from start to finish. We’ll provide thorough recovery instructions so you can heal safely and comfortably and set up follow-up appointments to track your progress.”

To get started, Valley residents can book an appointment with King LASIK and K2 Vision RLE at KingK2Vision.com or by calling 877-551-2020.

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