Sunsolar Solutions continues to grow and make a positive impact on the Valley

By Michelle Talsma Everson

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many locally-owned companies had to downsize, Sunsolar Solutions was growing. In fact, the North Valley business, which first opened in 2015, has grown from 28 employees to over 100 in the last six months.

“We are proud to have brought 100 new green jobs to the Valley,” says Val Berechet, president of Sunsolar Solutions. “We are right here, in your backyard. We are a homegrown company that has been doing business in the Valley—and growing—for six years.”

In addition to Berechet, Sunsolar Solutions is also led by Michael O’Donnell and Troy Dinbokowitz, vice presidents of sales and co-owners.

Solar energy works by capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity through solar panels—and with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year—the Valley of the Sun is the perfect place for those considering supplementing some of their energy usage with solar power. O’Donnell shares that the company has helped over 7,000 Arizona households go solar—taking the power of the sun and turning it into usable electricity to power their homes.

“Out of those 7,000 customers, over one third of that business was from referrals,” O’Donnell shares. “We’ve had the largest amount of solar panel sales in Arizona for years.”

“Our innovative solar solutions and technology works to power your entire home with clean, renewable energy – all from just the sun,” according to the company. “With each solar panel, you’ll be combatting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing your fossil fuel dependency while saving up to 95 percent on your electricity bill… By investing in a solar system today, you’ll be cultivating a brighter tomorrow.”

Some benefits of going solar with Sunsolar Solutions include:
• Flexible financial solutions – locals can lease, finance or purchase solar panels.
• No upfront costs.
• Customers can save up to 95% off of their electric bill.
• Protection against inflation and energy cost increases from the electric company.
• Increasing the property value.
• Earning a great return on your investment.
• Going green.
• Providing clean, reliable energy.

By helping thousands of local households switch to solar energy, Berechet shares how Sunsolar Solutions is making an impressive green impact on the environment, including:
• Reducing 6.8 million tons of CO2 emissions;
• This reduction is the equivalent of 16.2 million trees planted;
• And saving 170.4 million gallons of water!

“Doing business right and providing quality customer experience—plus referrals and good online reviews—has paid dividends in how much we’ve grown,” Berechet explains. “It’s led to more customers and, thanks to their business, more employees.”

Because of their impressive growth, Sunsolar Solutions is home to a new 19,000 square foot installation center and a 3,000 square foot administration space.

So what makes Sunsolar Solutions stand out among other solar companies that locals could work with? O’Donnell shares that it has to do with how their company provides quality service and honest pricing and results for customers.

“Eighty percent of solar companies don’t actually install the solar panels that they sell you,” he explains. “We do it all—sales and installation. We also always provide the total cost to customers so they know what to expect. And, if we can, we provide multiple design options for them to choose from, so they can pick which one works best for their budget. Of course, our goal is always to get their electric bill down to zero.”

Berechet adds that Sunsolar Solutions’ ultimate goal, even if they don’t make a sale, is to educate customers and those interested in solar. They always provide their sales reps with ongoing education and the tools they need to make an honest sale and provide all of the facts when meeting potential solar panel owners.

“Compared to other companies, I was impressed by Sunsolar’s sales and design process as they already had an initial design ready when I met with the consultant, and they adjusted on the fly with design and pricing while he was answering my questions,” says Frank, a recent Sunsolar customer.

“I was impressed with how fast everything went. From the call updates to the installation, it has all went pretty quick,” says Keila, a customer who just had solar panels installed. “I was advised we should be up and running by mid-May and I have had the system working since the beginning of May. I am happy to see the progress and, most of all, our bills.”
For those who are interested in investing in solar power, Sunsolar Solutions’ team shares that now is the time.

“I recommend that locals take action this summer and look into solar now,” O’Donnell says. “On October 1, APS is increasing the cost for new solar customers by reducing the amount they pay homeowners for energy they send back to the grid, but those who have solar before then are grandfathered in.”

Both O’Donnell and Berechet point out that there are a lot of tax perks currently available for making the switch to solar as well. “With the Green New Deal, the new administration is serious about climate change,” O’Donnell shares. “Now is the time to go solar and benefit from the tax perks and other benefits of using solar energy.”

The team at Sunsolar Solutions is excited for their continued growth and grateful for how far they’ve come.

“We’re doing well because we’re doing good for the community and the environment,” Berechet says. “We are excited for today and what the future holds.”

To learn more and inquire about a free consultation, visit or call 623-562-9009.