Want to elevate your home décor in the new year? Whether you’re going for farmhouse style or mid-century modern décor, make a statement in every room, even the most neglected spaces.

From the laundry room to the garage, to your home gym and game room, these easy and simple ideas from the design experts at Hunter Fan Company will add comfort and beauty to your home.

The Laundry Room
While this space is one of the most used on a weekly basis, it’s often forgotten in terms of décor and style. Simple touches, like matching laundry bins, wall art and coordinated shelving can really change the ambiance and help organize laundry day chaos.

While this space has a ton of potential, it also comes with its share of challenges. Many laundry rooms tend to be cramped and get steamy easily. Adding a circulating element, like a ceiling fan, can remedy this woe and make chores more pleasant. Smaller options like the Loki from Hunter Fan Company come in options as small as 36-inches and can seamlessly coordinate with your updated space.

The Game Room
Game rooms are often the most aesthetically neglected rooms of the home. Often a culmination of mismatched and hand-me-down furniture, the game room is most likely in need of some tender love and care. Some new pillow covers for the couch and an added cowhide rug can provide a refreshing update to this room. Consider adding an accent wall in a bold color and replacing those outdated band posters for a grown-up look.

The Garage
For many people, the garage is the first interior space they encounter after a long day. Unfortunately, it’s also often the dumping ground for old tools, children’s toys and items with no place to call home. Built-in storage can help with organization, and adding a layer of colored floor protectant will make your garage seem more polished and presentable.

If you use the garage as a workshop, the introduction of a cool breeze can revitalize strenuous home projects and ensure proper ventilation. Check out ceiling fan design options that can stand up to the elements, such as the Brunswick or Cedar Key from Hunter Fan Company.

The Home Gym
When it comes to getting in shape, motivation is key, and having a beautiful, enjoyable space while working towards your goals can make all the difference. Get a better workout by updating your home gym with new mats, colorful dumbbells and a brand-new sound system. Avoid overheating with the latest smart tech, such as the SIMPLEconnect Symphony, a fan that can be controlled from your mobile device or an automated virtual assistant, such as Siri, Google or Alexa, so you can be comfortable without interrupting your treadmill session.

For greater comfort, health and use of your home at the start of the new year, consider how you can incorporate beautiful and easy interior design elements into every room.