By Libby Banks, the Law Office of Libby Banks, PLLC, Estate Planning

Have some of your New Year’s resolutions already gone by the wayside? That certainly happens to me each year. I’ve wondered and asked experts how to really succeed with more of the goals I have set. One told me that it all boils down to this: find your “Why.”

Your resolution may be to exercise regularly. Your plan: get up at six a.m. and get to the gym early every weekday. But when the alarm goes off, and the air outside those comfy blankets is chilly, you didn’t sleep well, and your spouse snuggles close, what makes the difference between hitting the snooze button and getting out of bed? It’s your “why.”

Why are you committing to exercise? Maybe it’s to be sure you can keep up with your grandchildren, to live a longer life, or to be attractive to the opposite sex.

But digging deeper into that “why” will make the difference between being successful and having the resolution fall by the wayside. Why do you want to keep up with your grandchildren? Perhaps to avoid being left on the park bench or at home when the family goes off to do some fun activity. The “why” for staying healthy and living a long life? Perhaps it’s to be there to support your children in their journey through life. Looking good? Maybe you want to find your true love, start a family and have a happily ever after.

Keeping the “why” of your goal in mind is crucial to succeeding when the going gets tough.

Have you been putting off doing your will or trust? If so, knowing why it’s important to have a plan can get you moving forward. Here are a few good reasons to put this goal on your list this year.
1. It gives you peace of mind! If you’ve read my articles before, you know you need to put some kind of plan in place. When you have done so, it will be a big load off your mind.

2. It shows your family that you love them. Your family loves you. When you die, it will be a huge loss for them. You can show them that you love them by making sure you don’t leave a mess behind. It’s agonizing for your child or other heirs to deal with all the pieces of your life and estate without proper planning.

3. It helps maintain family harmony. If you’ve set out your wishes in a proper plan, the chances of family arguments or drama are greatly diminished. Knowing what your wishes are helps to eliminate fights.

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