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Formerly known as iPoolsAZ, True Method is a locally owned and operated pool service and repair company that is growing their team a bit differently than others in the Valley. Looking to add to its team of independent business owners, True Method has turned to veterans and service professionals to help the business continue its amazing growth. Located in Scottsdale, owner Roger Neill is looking to serve his community in more ways than one.

True Method is partnering with retired veterans, police, firefighters, and other EMS personnel to help them earn supplemental income or get them started on a secondary career path. Neill recognizes that these individuals have spent their entire career serving others, and what better way to give back to these men and women than to provide an opportunity for them to continue to work, but on their own terms?

“Without quality people, it’s a challenge to continue growing,” Neill says. “Clients trust us to come into their residences and clean their pools, so the people we work with need to be trustworthy and reliable—so I thought who better than veterans and other retired emergency service personnel like police and firefighters? Even retired teachers would be a great fit to work with us.”
Specifically, what attracted Neill to these individuals was their heart and their work ethic – a combination that his clients need. Veterans and service professionals offer reliability and quality from people who have a heart to serve. What’s more, Neill is offering these individuals a freedom they may not have experienced before.

“I will give them business and help them build up their clientele,” Neill says. “It can be as big or as little as they like, and there are a lot of perks that come with it.” Those looking to join the True Method Independent Business Owner program don’t need pool care experience. True Method helps to train and set up each new team member, which ensures their success.

Neill is committed to providing veterans and service professionals a successful business that they can run and manage. His company wants every individual who works with them to know they are part of a team while also having the freedom to run and grow their own business.

Matt Brown, a retired veteran of the Army and National Guard, and Fred Visser, a retired veteran of the Air Force, are both independent business owners that work with Neill at True Method.

“I work independently and service my own pools, but working with Roger at True Method, I have support behind my business and work, and can always reach out to receive advice or help,” Brown says. “I make my own hours, the stress levels are low, schedule is flexible, and it’s good money. I enjoy being outdoors and not a lot of experience is necessary to get started. It’s mainly about being kind to customers and comfortable doing the job, which you’ll be trained to do.”

Brown adds that there’s little overhead to worry about (True Method takes care of a lot of the business end of things) and no extensive travel as his route keeps him located in the 85254 zip code. Working with True Method is the breath of fresh air that Brown was really looking for when he retired from the military. The same goes for Visser who says that, for retired veterans, the freedom and flexibility that the position offers is refreshing.

“I’ve been working with Roger at True Method for a few years and he always putting his clients and the people he works with first—I think that’s why True Method has been so successful,” he adds. “Compared to my military career, where there wasn’t a lot of freedom and flexibility, this role is a complete, natural 180. And Roger helps us with everything! He helps you to get your own LLC, provides training, and helps you grow your business.”

How can Veterans and Service Professionals get started with True Method?
Neill and his team are committed to the success of each person who joins True Method. Neill sees the need for veterans and retired service professionals to have a place to go to continue to be successful. Many don’t want to be “fully retired,” which is why True Method has developed this program. It’s completely flexible based off what they want and need for their second career.

“It’s definitely not a sink or swim situation like it would be if you were out there on your own,” Brown says.

Neill takes his training process seriously, which both Brown and Visser appreciate. This speaks to their military training and creates a methodical approach to the way they service pools and run their individual businesses. To start, once someone is interested in the role, they will be trained by Neill and accompany him while he’s out in the field working to make sure the position is a good fit. There are then three to four weeks of training, meetings and working with clients. Once fully trained and ready, the new independent business owner can take on as many or as little clients as they want.

“It’s a great role for those who want the freedom to be their own boss,” Neill adds.

“This program is definitely perfect for good, reliable people who want a flexible schedule and to be in charge of how much they work and make,” Visser says. “True Method has succeeded because of Roger surrounding himself and his business with the right people.”

“If you join the True Method team you will definitely be surrounded by quality people who help you every step of the way,” Neill adds.

To learn more about a career becoming an independent business owner with True Method, visit and fill out the interest form.

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