Millennials now represent the highest demographic portion of homebuyers and are, in true Millennial style, demanding changes to the traditional home buying model. To satisfy their need of instant gratification, online services are becoming the go-to solution for mortgage prequalification. Online application programs market themselves as quick, simple and completely virtual to target today’s technologically savvy homebuyer. This seems like an adequate and time-saving solution for the mortgage seeker, but more and more homebuyers are finding that these shortcuts are causing headaches throughout the rest of the home buying process.


It can be easy for buyers to get caught up fantasizing about their “dream home,” seek out several houses, and finally make an offer, only to realize there are a lot of steps that need to be taken to get a mortgage approved. To ensure a seamless and easy home buying process, buyers should get pre-qualified or pre-approved. VIP Mortgage is targeting Millennials and making this process easy by adapting to the different cultures. As everyone knows, you cannot buy time, and as convenient as that would be, companies are having to create systems that are both time efficient and practical. VIP Mortgage has created a cutting-edge technology that allows users to navigate online application systems that are optimized to be viewed and completed on a cell phone. VIP also has created a prominent presence across the Valley, having eight strategically places offices from Anthem, Scottsdale to Tucson, with nationally recognized mortgage officers who work all hours of the day for their clients. 


Businesses have had to adapt and change to what Millennials seek and it’s not enough to just have best prices or the quickest solution. Millennials expect an all-inclusive experience and VIP aims to serve their community and strive to change the outlook of the mortgage industry to consumers. The team stands by the age-old quote by business pioneer Henry Ford, “To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.”


Before you go searching for your dream home, get in touch with a mortgage professional. The process can be seamless if you take the appropriate steps ahead of time—happy mortgage officer and house shopping.