When will…. open?
• View 32, the new apartment building north of Bashas, is anticipated to open in the early fall.

• Gelato Spot is anticipated to open in August.

• Press Coffee is anticipated to open next year.

• Tap House Kitchen is anticipated to open before the end of the year.

• Young Mind Community Center is anticipated to open in September.

• Life Storage is now open.

Where will…. be located?
• Young Mind Community Center will be located in the former ADOT building.

• Gelato Spot is opening in the Paradise Hills Shopping Center in the former spot of Little Peking.

• Tap House Kitchen will be located next to 4 Sons Chevron at the corner of Shea and 32nd.

How is North 32nd News distributed?
North 32nd News is delivered via mail to over 20,000 homes throughout 85028 and 85032, with plans to cover more as the paper continues to grow. It is available at local businesses such as 32 Shea, The Joy Bus Diner, Wright in the Garden, Craft Nights, Empower Wellness Studio and more to local businesses to come!

To see a full list of newsstand locations, visit north32ndnews.com and click on “Newsstand Locations.” You can also read the full paper online at issuu.com/North32ndNews
When is the next community event?
• Save the date for October 27 as we will be throwing a fantastic costume parade and block party!

• We will also be installing the next North 32nd Little Library in September at The Joy Bus, as well as one of our phenomenal neighbors. We will announce more on Facebook soon.

When will…. corner change?
With the momentum already in place at Shea, we are focusing on Cactus, Thunderbird, and Greenway as our next hubs of change to drive new businesses and beautification. The policy plan that Bill Gates (Arizona) put into place and Councilwoman Debra Stark continues to assist us with implementing was a 10 year plan, so this change was never intended to happen overnight yet we are working diligently to make it happen as quickly as we are able.

To strategically and effectively implement this plan, we had to focus first on where there was already momentum (32nd and Shea, hello 32 Shea) to prove to businesses that we are the place to be. This is an evolutionary time for our community. Together we will be able to enhance it. Together we are a community, so let’s rise the tide up together.

Where can I find more information?
• Facebook.com/North32nd is the official page of the North 32nd revitalization movement.

• Facebook.com/North32ndNews is the official page of this very newspaper. Check it out for local news articles, updates and even fun giveaways for readers.

• Facebook.com/groups/North32nd is our Community Group. Found a stray dog? Want to post school updates? Having a yard sale? This is the place to engage with your neighbors.

• Facebook.com/groups/North32ndBusinessPros is presented by North 32nd News, and is a place for fellow entrepreneurs of North 32nd to form business relationships and exchange referrals. They hold monthly networking meetings, with the next one being held August 29.

• Sign up for the North 32nd newsletter at www.North32nd.com.

Allison Barnett is the managing partner of North 32nd, Inc. which is bringing revitalization of the community through strategic partnerships with the City of Phoenix as well as local businesses. She can be reached at [email protected].