Are you planning on updating your flooring this season? From performance to style to color, there are many factors to consider before finding flooring that fits your family’s lifestyle.

Before making the investment, you should ask yourself these three questions about each room you are remodeling.

Who uses the room? Determining who will use the room on a regular basis is very important. For everyday family rooms, be sure to go with something durable and able to withstand high traffic and activity from kids and pets. However, if you’re installing flooring in a room used only by guests around special occasions, you may want to make a statement, focusing more on style over functionality.

How is the room used? Knowing how your room will be used is key when picking out the best flooring option. For example, if the room will be used for active living, such as for crafts, playtime or as a workout room, look for flooring options that can withstand the constant foot traffic and inevitable spills, and is also non-slip.

What feelings are you trying to evoke? Casual and fun or formal? If you’re trying to go for a fun and inviting feel you may want to lean towards something either light or bright in color. Bright colors scream fun and excitement while light colors make the room feel open and welcoming. For a more formal feel, try something in a dark tone or with a subtle pattern, which can evoke a calming, subdued response.

You want to choose a carpet that does not quickly show matting, crushing and wear, so look for carpets that have dense fibers resilient to every day abuse. “Soft” and “strong” are no longer competing priorities thanks to manufacturing innovations.

If your family is busy and active and you have pets, you’ll want something that offers both style and function. With today’s carpet options, you don’t have to sacrifice either,” says Keesha Hargis, Home Decorating Specialist at Flooring America.

A waterproof carpet was only a dream for many homeowners in the past, and now the technology is available. Check out Flooring America, which recently introduced Tigressà H20, a revolutionary carpet that is waterproof, pet-proof, kid-proof, and can withstand the toughest household spills and pet accidents.

If your priority is comfort and softness, a good bet is Tigressà Cherish, which is a plush, eco-friendly carpet that, despite being 75 percent finer than current soft carpet standards, is durable enough to last for years, even if you have a busy home.

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Flooring choices today are sometimes overwhelming. Check with a trusted local independent flooring retailer who can offer design and performance recommendations based on your priorities.