By Gretchen Pahia
Photos courtesy of Mauro Cazares

For many people, taking care of their vehicle is a top priority but they don’t always have the time or know-how to make that happen. That same desire is part of what drives Mauro Cazares daily to help others make that a reality.

Cazares says that car detailing has always been a passion of his, rooted in his deep appreciation for automobiles. “Growing up, I was fascinated by the beauty and intricate details of cars. I spent countless hours learning about different detailing techniques, experimenting on my own vehicles, and attending car shows.” That passion is what fueled Cazares to start his own car detailing business, Mauro’s Auto Detailing. Cazares adds that even though it is his “business” it isn’t just a job for him, “It is a form of artistry. It requires a deep understanding of different types of surfaces, paint finishes, and materials, as well as the use of specialized tools and products.”

For the East Valley father of three, Cazares says it isn’t just about the work he puts into the cars that drives him to succeed, it is about the relationships he builds along the way. “Their trust in our expertise and their appreciation for our work motivates me to continually raise the bar. Knowing that I have made a positive impact on their overall car ownership experience is incredibly rewarding.”

Another major driving force behind starting this passionate business is the massive growth of residents in the East Valley. With more people driving, more cars on the roads, that means the need is growing for businesses like Cazares’. He recognized there was a growing need for quality and convenient car detailing services. For Cazares, it was ultimately a decision to help find solutions for his neighbors and fellow Valley residents as the demand continued to rise. The community at large was the driving force that brought Cazares to start this business. “We’re talking about a service that adds that extra sparkle, that exceptional touch, and takes their beloved wheels to a whole new level of brilliance,” he says.

From a young age, entrepreneurship has been on Cazares’ mind. He has always been enthralled with the idea of creating and building a business from the ground up. “The thrill of taking risks, seizing opportunities, and creating my own path has always resonated with me,” he shares. The constant dreaming up new ideas, figuring out a way to make an impact with the community, and pursuing his passions, is what drove Cazares to create the auto detailing business and it is what continues to drive him to succeed each and every day.

If you’d like to reach out to Cazares and learn more about the services he offers, you can find information online at You can also follow him on his social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google @maurospremiumautodetailing.