By Bridget Binsbacher, Mesquite District Councilmember

As the year ends, we find ourselves reflecting on so many highlights from the past twelve months. Personally, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve the residents of the Mesquite District. There are so many rewarding aspects about being a councilmember for this community, and among the most significant is working alongside dedicated residents, organizations, and employees. I wanted to highlight a few of those moments and programs that are inspiring and impacting our community.

The talented and dedicated staff and artists involved in Peoria’s Arts and Culture Program bring so much richness to our community. Public art enhances placemaking initiatives, stimulates the local economy, honors our history, and celebrates our identity. Whether it’s the “Blooming Spire” light installation at the Four Corners of Lake Pleasant Parkway and Happy Valley Road or the fantastic “Vida” and “Songbirds” sculptures at Paloma Community Park or, my favorite, the mosaic art panels on the Happy Valley Bridge that were created by local children, we are fortunate to have these unbelievable assets in our community that provide us with a vibrant sense of place. In fact, recently our Peoria community art projects received the Quality of Life award from WESTMARC – a wonderful recognition for this important community asset.

In addition, there are many nonprofit organizations in Mesquite that provide vital services and resources to our community. Recently, I visited the Boy Scout troop from Vistancia. This group of young people were eager to ask questions and learn more about local government and their city. In addition, our local Girl Scout Troop #558 completed a fishing line recycling project at Paloma Community Park – not only helping the environment but local wildlife as well. It is so rewarding to see that our Peoria youth develop leadership skills and self-confidence through these organizations. They are helping to nurture community servant leaders.

Lastly, the backbone of any organization is the people who work for it, but in Peoria that sentiment runs even deeper. Earlier this year, I was able to do a ride-a-long with a recycling driver and visit the recycling center. I was so impressed with the staff, their knowledge and enthusiasm about recycling, that it was exciting to see. Peoria’s city employees have proven they are the best. During the past two years, they have persevered by working through the pandemic to ensure our residents received critical services without interruption and the quality of life amenities that make our community the best place to live.

Thank you to all the individuals, organizations and employees that make the Mesquite District, and all of Peoria, such a special place. I wish you and your family a very wonderful holiday season.

What would you like to see in your community?
If there is something you would like to see in our district or if you have any concerns, I want to know. Contact me directly at 623-773-7306 or bridget.binsbacher@ Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for my e-newsletter on the Mesquite District page on Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.