Photos courtesy of Deer Valley Unified School District
In an initiative to support families facing financial difficulties, Barry Goldwater High School (BGHS) in north Phoenix has unveiled its freshly renovated Giving Closet. The high school’s commitment to assist struggling students and their families has seen significant growth over the years.

The concept of the Giving Closet was originally introduced by Ann Ordway, a current board member. Founded several years ago, its primary purpose has been to assist students of this Title I school, providing resources for those whose families might not have the means. The closet generously offers necessities such as snacks, meals, clothing, school supplies, and even attire for special school events like prom, graduation, and promotion ceremonies.

Recognizing the importance of enhancing the initiative, School Resource Officer (SRO) Valerie Rhodes, newly appointed last year, identified the necessity to expand the project. Collaborating with Toll Brothers and Younger Brothers construction companies, she led the transformation of the Giving Closet into a space mimicking a dignified shopping experience. Their efforts have been supplemented by prominent businesses. Home Depot, Sanderson Ford, and Costco have generously donated funds, aiding in organizational logistics for the closet and catering for workers during the installation.

This endeavor has not been a solitary one. The BGHS leadership and numerous community members have been pivotal in organizing the project and ensuring specific donations. Through their combined efforts, the Deer Valley District and BGHS students are reassured of the community’s unwavering care and support.

In celebration of the renovated space, BGHS treated the community to an unveiling of the new space in August. More than just a closet, the revamped Giving Closet serves as a testament to community solidarity. Now, students and their families can access an expanded range of resources, from clothing and formal wear to accessories, hygiene products, and other vital essentials.

Barry Goldwater High School is located at 2820 W. Rose Garden Lane. For more information, visit