By Shay Moser

Joe Lake believes in excellent customer service, meaning promptly responding to service requests, providing expert knowledge, and being on time for scheduled services.

To do this at his family-owned Valley electrical company, Lake, a Marine veteran, applies the code of ethics and values he learned during his four-year military term. That’s why Lake Electric is a recognized leader in the electrical services industry.

“A lot of our customers say they didn’t hear back from the other electrician after leaving a message or getting a quote from them,” says Lake. “We value people’s time, replying quickly whether they call or reach out online. And we don’t keep our customers waiting for us.”

“Choosing the right electrical contractor is critical,” Lake continues. “It’s important to have a good idea of what you can expect ahead of time.”

Lake Electric customers can expect experienced and courteous electricians, high-quality materials and equipment, cutting-edge electrical technologies and solutions, affordable service, clear and honest communication, and a tidy and safe job site after the work is done.

Wired for Success
Lake, a third-generation native of San Diego, joined the United States Marine Corps in 1994, serving as an assault amphibious crewman. After his military term in 1998, a friend connected him with a commercial contractor in San Diego that hired him as an apprentice electrician.

“They saw my potential and paid for me to attend the Associated Builders and Contractors apprenticeship program,” explains Lake. “After two nights a week for four years, plus full-time, on-the-job training, I became a certified journeyman in the state of California.”
With his journeyman certification, Lake built everything from hospitals, schools, office space, and car dealerships, to large custom homes, apartments, condominiums, and manufactured homes. He also has experience with tenant improvements and remodels.

A Switch to Surprise
Today, Lake Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured in Arizona. When Lake’s mom passed away in 2007, he wanted to be close to his dad who lived in Sun City West. So, he moved his wife, Laurie, and daughter, Ashley, 4, to Surprise, Arizona. That’s also when he opened Lake Electric.

“Although Lake Electric is in the northwest Valley, we service the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, and because we’ve been servicing Arizona for the past 15 years, we’re familiar with the entire Maricopa County,” Lake says.
Lake’s new apprentice, Shane, a Marine veteran, helps install and maintain electrical systems and carries out repairs. Lake’s wife, Laurie, helps him with his schedule and company bills while sharing ideas for the company.

Need Home Electrical Work?
About 75% of Lake Electric’s work is residential, including electrical panels, circuit breakers, troubleshooting, lighting, standby generators, car charging stations, hot tubs, ceiling fans, and landscape lighting.

“Houses built before 1960 usually have a fuse box,” says Lake. “It’s better to replace them with a circuit breaker panel than repair it. Circuit breakers may also require replacement. Heat, a burning odor, circuit breakers that are 20 years old or older, and recalled brands are all reasons for circuit breaker replacement.”

Lake Electric provides maintenance packages to make sure electrical systems are in good working order. “Breaker boxes that are well-maintained save money and provide years of safety for your family,” says Lake.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor lighting installation and repairing lighting in a home, only a licensed residential electrician can help. Changing a light bulb is one thing but installing track lighting or a dimmer switch can be difficult and dangerous if done incorrectly.
“We are here to help you with all of your indoor and outdoor lighting installation needs, and we provide free lighting proposals and stick to the agreed-upon price,” Lake says.

One of the biggest problems Lake says his company finds with do-it-yourself whirlpool and spa installation projects is unsafe conditions like worn-out ground fault circuit interrupter protection or faulty wiring.

“Shorts, insufficient power, and the risk of an electrical fire or electrocution can all occur when things are wired incorrectly,” says Lake. “Due to faulty wiring, you could even end up damaging your spa, whirlpool, or pool.”

Covering Commercial Electrical Needs
While most of Lake Electric’s work is residential, he takes pride in every project and considers no job too small or too big to handle.

Commercial electrical services include electrical system inspections, repairs, troubleshooting, ballast replacement, breaker and transformer repair, and surge protection.

“A ballast is located inside some light fixtures and is an essential part that regulates the voltage to several types of lights,” Lake explains.
Lake Electric can also retrofit existing lighting to LED. “LED lighting is the most efficient and energy-saving way to light up your business and can lower your electric bill,” says Lake. “Also, some utility companies offer rebates to businesses that make improvements that significantly lower their energy usage.”

Lake strongly advises that people call him for breaker and transformer repair. “Because you’re working with high-voltage equipment, making a mistake can be costly, if not fatal. Do not attempt to repair a tripped circuit breaker without the assistance of a professional.”

Since moving to Surprise, Lake Electric has grown. This year, Lake is looking forward to adding more service trucks and electricians to the company. Lake’s family has grown, too. Now, his daughter, Ashley, is 19, and his son, Jaxon, is 12.

Lake Electric guarantees all its work for a full year. Visit or call 623-810-9788 or email [email protected] to schedule a free consultation.

Just as Lake earned the pride of becoming a Marine, he takes pride in his electrical expertise and works hard to earn Arizona residents’ and businesses’ trust as a leader in the electrical services industry.

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