Photos courtesy of Ridgeline Academy

In a stunning display of athleticism and teamwork, Ridgeline Academy’s sports teams have propelled their school into the spotlight. The Lady Eagles, Ridgeline Academy’s Varsity Girls Volleyball team, clinched the Division 2 State Volleyball Championship title, marking a significant milestone in the school’s sports history.
The championship match, held at ASU – Desert Financial Arena on Tuesday, Nov. 7, saw the Lady Eagles face off against Heritage Academy High School. In a remarkable show of skill and determination, the Ridgeline team swept the match in three straight games, securing their victory and the state title.

Amid the celebrations, a special spotlight shines on Raven Grant, who was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game. Her outstanding performance on the court was a key factor in the team’s triumph, exemplifying the spirit and talent that Ridgeline Academy fosters in its athletes.

But the Lady Eagles aren’t the only team at Ridgeline Academy celebrating a championship win. The Boys Varsity Flag Football Team, under the guidance of Coach Beougher and Coach West, also brought home the glory as they were crowned the CAA 2023 State Champions in October. This victory highlights the comprehensive athletic prowess that Ridgeline Academy has cultivated across different sports.

The hard work, dedication, and strategic guidance of both coaches have been instrumental in this season’s success. Their commitment to nurturing the skills and teamwork of the young athletes has paid off, culminating in this prestigious state title.

The twin victories of the girls’ volleyball and boys’ flag football teams have created a wave of excitement and pride across the Ridgeline Academy community. These achievements are not just a reflection of the individual talents of the players but also a testament to the collaborative spirit and strong sports culture within the academy.

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