Photo courtesy of Ridgeline Academy

On Monday, Oct. 16, the Footprint Center, home of the Phoenix Suns, buzzed with excitement as students from across Arizona congregated for the FBLA on Fire Leadership Conference. Among the attendees, Ridgeline Academy made a remarkable presence with students from its FBLA, Middle Level FBLA, and Sports Management class.

The day commenced with an illuminating tour of the Footprint Center. Here, students got a firsthand look into the intricacies of preparing the venue for high-profile events and games. The behind-the-scenes glimpse provided an enriching perspective on the myriad tasks and coordination efforts that unfold prior to the big events.

Following the tour, participants were treated to an invaluable panel discussion featuring industry insiders. This session not only furnished the students with insights into the world of Sports Management but also afforded them an opportunity to engage in a Q&A, addressing their curiosities about the dynamic industry.

The pinnacle of the day was the Phoenix Suns game in the evening. Students had the chance to witness the culmination of all the preparations they had learned about earlier, now coming alive in a riveting basketball game.

In addition to the main event, FBLA Media chapters had the exclusive chance to tour the esteemed ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Although this was a limited-capacity, first-come-first-served opportunity, it provided an enriching prelude to the day’s main events for those who could attend.

For Ridgeline Academy’s students, the FBLA on Fire Leadership Conference wasn’t just about sports. It was a comprehensive learning experience – from understanding event management and soaking in industry expertise to the thrill of watching a live game. The consensus among the students? They had a fantastic time, with many expressing their eagerness for similar opportunities in the future.