The boom of the delivery service industry in the last few years has led to a slew of new ideas on how to make your life more convenient. The days of Chinese food and pizzas being the only items available for delivery are long gone. Today you can count on everything from groceries to McDonalds. Not to be left out of the booming quick delivery industry are fresh baked desserts and topping the list of the dessert deliveries are cookie baking startups. No newcomer to the list is the team behind Sweeteez. Over the past year, Sweeteez has been delivering their homemade treats throughout the valley. From the east valley to the west valley, Sweeteez has quickly become the name in soft, delicious homemade cookie delivery to over 20 zip codes. Thanks to the success of their delivery business, the team quickly pushed to get their first food truck up and running. Many of you are familiar with its widely recognizable cherry on top logo. With a little smart marketing, the group introduced an overwhelmingly popular ‘Mobile Monday’ pop-up event, creating a whole new following of Sweeteez fanatics.

Not a group to take success sitting down, Sweeteez has jumped headfirst into the next step in dominating the sweet tooth industry by choosing the Deer Valley community as home to their first brick and mortar location. Grabbing a “sweet” spot along the highly trafficked Happy Valley road, they are now located at 1985 W Happy Valley Rd. in Phoenix. The team has created an environment that takes you back to a time when soda shops, sock hops and family barbeques ruled.

When asked why they chose our community, the team all agreed that the most important component was family. “The Deer Valley Airpark and Norterra area felt like home. The support from local families and businesses has been invaluable to us in confirming that this was the right choice.”

Why is family so important? The masterminds behind all these delicious recipes are long-time caterers and sisters (Gourmet Girls Catering), Brooke, Hilari and Chelsea. The sisters had a family history of creating superb food that brought everyone running for a spot at the dinner table. Mom was their inspiration when it came to cooking. She truly believed it was the cornerstone to keeping everyone together.

As they grew older, the sisters decided that helping others to do the same was not only a calling, but a fantastic business model. For over 18 years they amazed clients by turning events into culinary experiences. One such couple, Deborah and Court, were so impressed that they became fast friends. After some careful planning, they partnered with Brooke, Hilari and Chelsea to create the Sweeteez brand of desserts. They believe that “Family, friends, neighbors and a good cookie are the key to creating a community you want to come home to.”
Wanting to support local businesses, the team had their mind set on using only fresh ingredients and locally sourced dairy to create their confections. The Sweeteez menu includes their all-time favorites including frosted sugar, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and chocolate peanut butter cookies. But to keep their creative juices flowing, and keep you coming back for more, each month Sweeteez introduces a specialty brownie and cookie. In May, devotees were delighted with a Frosted Carmel brownie and a Lemonade cookie. Your “can’t miss” for June is an Oreo Stuffed brownie. In celebration of their one-year food truck anniversary, they intend to wow you with their Happy Birthday Cookie decked out with signature sprinkles!

What are the future plans for Sweeteez? The sky is the limit! They have been experimenting with a nationwide delivery service by parcel post. “The key is making sure the quality of the product is not compromised. If we can’t ensure that, then we won’t do it.” Is this the first of more brick and mortar locations? That’s the plan. Whether by franchise or company owned stores, the team plans to bring their version of heaven to families around the valley, state, country and beyond.

If you’re looking to take the kids out for a little bonding time or just need your fix for some delicious, fresh and warm treats delivered straight to your door, Sweeteez is the answer!  The gals can also work with you to create perfectly packaged treats for any celebration through their catering division.

Check out their menu, delivery areas and more online at