If you’re receiving this publication for the very first time—or if you’re used to receiving the Deer Valley Times and notice that things are a little different—we’d like to say “hello.” Welcome to the North Phoenix News!

Beginning this month, the Deer Valley Times—which started in 2012—is transitioning to North Phoenix News. This change is an addition, not a subtraction. With it, we will now not only be covering hyperlocal news from Deer Valley but also from Tramonto and Anthem. We are making this move because, as the North Valley grows, we are growing with it, and we want to make sure to cover the news that matters to North Phoenix residents and reach as many readers in the area as we can.

So, who are we? We’re Eculeus Group Publishing. Led by publishers Brian and Natasha Beal, in addition to North Phoenix News, we publish five other North Valley hyperlocal newspapers and a kids’ magazine. We are a family-owned business that is passionate about the success of fellow small local businesses. Our hyperlocal news coverage means that we focus on what’s happening in your neighborhood and right down the street. This resonates with our readers, who in turn, are proud to support the businesses that advertise with us and read the news we publish. Because of this, we’re building stronger businesses, stronger connections, and stronger communities right here in the North Valley.
Changing from Deer Valley Times to North Phoenix News is a bit emotional for us as Deer Valley Times is what started it all—we bought the publication in 2017 and never looked back. Since then, we’ve built a small but mighty team who is just as passionate about hyperlocal journalism as we are.

So, if you’re a new reader, welcome! If you’ve been a reader for years, we hope you come to enjoy the new format. And, if you’re a business in the area, we’d love to chat with you about how to partner to reach more local customers who live right where you do business.

If you have story ideas, would like to connect for a potential partnership, or just say hello, please e-mail us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to continue to cover the news and events happening in North Phoenix. Welcome to the first official issue of North Phoenix News!

On behalf of our whole team,
Publishers Natasha and Brian Beal