Brightmont Academy – Deer Valley, a school that specializes in one-to-one instruction, has taken up a new cause. The vibrant, local campus, where one student works with one teacher throughout every learning session, has recently worked together with agencies and individuals to reunite families with their lost pets and to find adoptive homes for abandoned pets.

This year, Brightmont Academy has helped to reunite and find an adoptive home for two pets, Rocky and Dublin. The two dogs were discovered homeless by individuals and they were brought to the attention of the campus both times.

One, a Yorkshire Terrier, and one a Chihuahua, were homeless and lost. Brightmont Academy students and staff took action by posting the details about both dogs to lost pet websites and organizations. One of the dogs was reunited with his owner and the other was placed with a new loving family. The students were involved in the experience from start to finish, which included supporting the campus director in contacting local agencies and ensuring that the lost dog reunited with his owner now has an identification tag.

To learn more about the reunited and adopted pet stories or for more information about Brightmont Academy – Deer Valley, please contact (623) 738-0710 or visit