As residents of Arizona, you’ve likely heard once or twice (or more) that our state “seems boring,” or even that there’s “no history.” To them, we’d like to counter those claims with millions of years of history; take for example, the Grand Canyon.

Whether you’re a long-time Arizonan or new to the area, here’s a couple fun facts we can bet you haven’t heard before.

Arizona is the most haunted state in the country
Arizona contains some of the largest Ghost Towns, anyway. In fact, one of them–Jerome, AZ–is designated as a historical site by the federal government. The famous (or should we say infamous?) hotel, Jerome Grand Hotel, is a former hospital and has guests coming from all over the world ready to get spooked, as a couple floors within the hotel are considered extremely haunted.

Flagstaff was almost the Hollywood of today
What’s now a small college town great for snowboarding in the winter once could have been the bustling Hollywood. Famous filmmaker Cecil B. Demille first traveled to Flagstaff to make his film. But, of course, he found himself caught in a snowstorm and decided to travel further west until he found Hollywood, which ended up becoming the movie capital of the world. So close!

Arizona is home to the largest Ostrich Ranch in the country
You read that right. Nestled behind the I-10 on your way to Picacho Peak (near Tucson), Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is the largest privately owned ostrich ranch in the world, with the exception of South Africa. Next time you’re in the mood for a road trip, head down to southern AZ and feed some ostriches!

Arizona isn’t just all hot temperatures
We won’t deny Arizona gets really hot. As in 128˚ record heat in Lake Havasu in 1994 hot. But we can have our cold temperatures, too! In fact, with the varying elevations and disparate climate, Arizona can have both the highest and lowest temperatures in the country on the same day, with the lowest temperature on record being below 40˚ in 1971!

Disney’s “Radiator Springs” was inspired by Arizona
Well, partly Arizona. It’s actually a mix of the entire historic Route 66, ranging from Oklahoma to California. But since the route runs through a lot of Arizona, much of our state got included in the Disney film! One of the most easily recognizable icons you’ll find from Arizona is Flo’s Cozy Cone Hotel, which is based off of the Wigwam Hotel in Holbrook, AZ.