North Valley Junk Removal is teaming up with Youth for Troops to host a Christmas Tree Removal Fundraiser through January 8. This community-focused event aims to gather donations that will directly support sending care packages to troops deployed overseas.

North Valley Junk Removal, known for its dedication to community service, continues its tradition of giving back. The company’s efforts were notably recognized when Dustin Holm, the company’s founder, was awarded the 2021 Community Impact Award. This accolade was in recognition of his significant contributions to maintaining the cleanliness and natural beauty of local desert lands.

Residents of Anthem, Tramonto, Desert Hills, and New River are encouraged to participate in this fundraising effort. To facilitate the process, North Valley Junk Removal has set up an easy system. Book your pickup window at and then simply leave your undecorated Christmas trees, free of tinsel and flock, on the curb for pickup. This service is not just about convenience; it’s an opportunity for the community to engage in a collective act of kindness during the holiday season.

The suggested donation for the tree removal service is $25 or more, with all proceeds going to Youth for Troops. Donations can be made via Youth for Troops’ official website, their PayPal Charity account, or directly through PayPal. As this is a fundraiser with limited availability, residents are urged to book their pickup windows promptly.

The partnership between North Valley Junk Removal and Youth for Troops reflects a deep commitment to both community welfare and supporting those who serve the nation. It’s a unique blend of local business initiative and charitable giving, showcasing how small acts can make a significant impact.

This Christmas Tree Removal Fundraiser is more than just a cleanup service; it’s a testament to the spirit of giving and community solidarity. It’s a reminder that the holiday season is not just about celebration, but also about reaching out, giving back, and supporting those who are away from home during this special time of the year.

For those who have already signed up or wish to make changes to their bookings, Youth for Troops can be contacted at [email protected]. Additional items for haulage can be negotiated directly with North Valley Junk Removal.